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Aaron Golub is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant who became the first legally blind division one athlete to play in a game. He works with businesses and organizations in Aliso Viejo, CA to shatter limiting beliefs and create true change.
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Aaron provides innovative approaches and thought-provoking insights that re-shape perspectives for organizations based in Aliso Viejo, CA.

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Aaron Helps Organizations Maximize Their Potential

Aaron delivers a truly impactful and transformative message that leaves his audience feeling inspired and motivated.

“Aaron was a wealth of knowledge in leadership, overcoming adversity and allyship for those with disabilities. We all walked away being greatly impacted by his story and his presence.”

Shayna Fears, Deloitte

““He’s just a really strong minded, tough kid, and he’s really good at his craft. You take for granted what he accomplished, because he makes it all look so easy.”

Coach Willie Fritz, Tulane University

““If you are not inspired by Aaron, you are not capable of being inspired. Aaron embodies the power of positive thinking and the mantra that if there is a will there is a way."”

Adam Mendler, The Veloz Group

“We appreciate you coming to allow people to learn and be inspired from your story. Your story is so full of hope and promise!! You overcame so much to become a champion in your own right as well as an advocate and share your enthusiasm to encourage others.”

Sandra Hegeman, PepsiCo
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Aaron provides comprehensive support to help your team thrive and conquer any challenge. Through a variety of engagement options, you can ensure lasting impact.

Overcome Adversity.

Through his international speaking tours and workshops, Aaron provides innovative approaches and thought-provoking insights that re-shape perspectives.

Common Questions

What is your fee?
My fee depends on the specific needs of the event, location, and engagement type. The first step in every engagement is doing a needs assessment to see where I can add the most value.
Do you do in person and virtual engagements?
Yes, I do both in person and virtual engagements.
What types of organizations do you work with?
I consistently work with companies of all sizes, conferences, sports teams, schools, and one on one clients
Do you work only within the U.S., or do you also travel internationally?
I work both in the U.S. and international.