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Aaron became the first legally blind athlete to play football in a Division 1 game when he was at Tulane University.  He was a captain in his senior year, and went on to also become an NFL free agent.  Aaron never let his limited vision get in the way of his success.  Aaron’s grit, determination and effort enabled him to earn a spot on the Tulane team, and the respect of his teammates, coaches and fans. Aaron began playing football in seventh grade and worked extremely hard to get where he is today.  His goal is to show others that it doesn’t matter what they are fighting or what their perceived limitations are; anything is achievable with hard work and tuning out the judgment of others.  His planning, passion and perseverance enables him to be successful. Aaron has paved the way for others with disabilities, and shown that the impossible is possible. 




Keynote Speaking

Aaron Golub delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive breakthrough performance through change and challenge.


Inspire your team, organization or community to overcome obstacles in order to fulfill their dreams and goals. 

The objective is to help make lasting, meaningful, positive change across your team or organization.





“He’s just a really strong minded, tough kid, and he’s really good at his craft. You take for granted what he accomplished, because he makes it all look so easy.”

Coach Willie Fritz - Head Football Coach at Tulane University

“Thank you so much for speaking at our Charlottesville SHRM event. Your speech was the perfect way to end our conference on a high inspirational note. I have received feedback from many of our guests that found your struggles and words heartening during a difficult time in all of our lives. I wish you all the future success and hope that we can work together again in the future.”

Corey Lawson – Benefit Specialist BOST

“If you are not inspired by Aaron, you are not capable of being inspired. Aaron embodies the power of positive thinking and the mantra that if there is a will there is a way."

Adam Mendler – Chief Executive Officer The Veloz Group

“Aaron is an amazing speaker; our company and team greatly benefited from the guest speaking Q&A he did with us. Not only did he tell us his inspirational story, but he also provided great wisdom and insight to many questions we had on leadership, setting and achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles. We were super impressed and plan to have Aaron back next year to do more team activities with our company. I would recommend Aaron to any company looking for a speaker or consulting with regards to DE&I and leadership development.”

Brad Jones – Chief Operating Officer Urban Skin Rx

“Aaron Golub is a gifted speaker. He is patient, responsive, and understands how to connect with any type of audience. Those who invite him to give a talk will gain a new perspective of ability, motivation and what it takes to be successful. I can’t recommend Aaron enough and I would gladly have him back to talk with our community again!”

Steve Dasman - Program Coordinator Waypoint Adventures

“Aaron has a great story of perseverance and hard work that led to his successful career. All of us at MCB are grateful that he shared his journey to inspire other young people who are blind and visually impaired to seek employment. We celebrate Aaron’s achievements and hope to work with him again soon!”

John Oliveira - Deputy Commissioner Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Aaron's message to the SUNY Geneseo Cross Country team was both motivational and powerful. His presentation to the team via a Zoom meeting during the Covid- 19 pandemic could not have come at a better time with how to deal with and overcome adversity. His story is incredible and offered words to live by to set these young student-athletes on a path of success, no matter what stands in their way. If there is an opportunity to hear Aaron speak, jump on board!

Dan Moore - Head Coach Men's and Women's Cross Country SUNY Geneseo

“In all my years of playing in the NFL and coaching thereafter, I have met very few men who have the courage and confidence that Aaron Golub possesses. When Aaron first came to train with me to prepare for his NFL Pro Day, my first impression was: ‘Here’s a very athletic football player who possess a strong work ethic, has mastered his skill, and operates through his training in a normal fashion.’ When he shared with me his legally blind status, and then allowed me to wear his goggles that replicate the very limited, blurred vision he has, I was shocked, and thoroughly impressed at all he has accomplished and continues to accomplish with a substantial vision challenge. I know whatever Aaron sets his mind on, he will accomplish! He has already and will continue to beat the odds.”

John Carney - 23-year NFL kicker, Coach, and Owner of Carney Training Facility

“Aaron is an intense and driven motivational speaker. He did an excellent job presenting to our group. Relevant, honest, ambitious, and forward thinking. If your team is underperforming they need to hear Aaron’s message.”

Matt Murray – President and CEO Touchdown Business Solutions

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