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Topic #1

Thinking Differently About Disabilities

Reframe your thinking around disabilities and create an environment where everyone feels they belong despite the differences we all face. Have open conversations, tune into your emotional intelligence, and ditch your assumptions to create a space where people can ask for help.

Additionally, understand the limitations you face don’t define who you are. By learning to shift your perspectiveaway from the drawbacks and challenges disabilities bring, you will begin taking steps towards reimagining theway your team functions.

Start the uncomfortable yet critical work to create a lasting culture that allows everyone to succeed while understanding that disabilities and limitations don’t need to hold you back.

After this program, you will be able to:

●  Capitalize on everyone’s unique differences to create more diverse and productive teams

● Identify the common misconceptions and biases that we all have related to both visible and invisible disabilities.

●  Facilitate open and respectful dialogue between all different types of people.

●  Implement strategies to help people push past their boundaries and limitations.

●  Understand how to use gratitude to shift your perspective of the challenges you face on a daily basis.
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Topic #2

Achieving Goals Through Adversity

Learn to identify challenges, overcome obstacles, and convert failures into successful lessons and opportunities. Focus on the ability to navigate daily adversities and recognize that we are each responsible foro ur own actions, outcomes, and ultimately, success.

We’ll discuss improving your perspective around the challenges and perceived limitations you face and finding gratitude for the adversities within your life.

Enable your team to become more resilient and empower them to break through challenges.After this program, you will be able to:

●  Develop courage to push through limitations, overcome adversities, and have the skills to tackle any challenge at hand.

●  Use your internal drive to destroy any negative opposition.

●  Create positive momentum by shifting your perspective and finding gratitude within all of the adversities you face.

●  Inspire and motivate your team, even in difficult circumstances allowing everyone to perform at higher levels than they thought were possible.
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Topic #3

Leaning Into Leadership

Develop your leadership skills and help empower new leaders on your team. We’ll discuss the essential qualities that define successful leaders and cover the strategies they embrace in today's rapidly changing landscape.

Dig into the art of effective communication, building a cohesive team environment, and fostering a culture of accountability and excellence.

Developing strong leaders will allow your team to thrive in all environments, no matter what comes your way.

After this program, you will be able to:

●  Improve teamwork so everyone can perform at higher levels.

●  Create a culture of compassion where everyone feels comfortable whether they have a failure or a success.

●  Implement strategies for accountability, enabling an environment of excellence.

●  Develop techniques for effective communication that allow your teams to be more productive and efficient.
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